Sunday, June 24, 2012

...Writing Works

Let me explain: I believe in the power of writing. I maintain that I write because I have something to say. Because I believe in I have something worth saying. Because a culture of silence becomes a culture of tolerance. I believe in writing and sharing creating a community in which we talk to each other. When I read writing, I hear people. I listen them and most importantly, I understand others.

My sister has recently begun keeping a blog and the reception has been awesome. I think it's because she tells a story which resonates with many. It's a story which hurts, which heals and which creates a community of understanding. Idealistic? Probably. But the truth? Undoubtedly.
When I understand people, I better find myself. Mom always says everyone has a story which will make you cry. I also believe that when those stories happen, I can write and find more than just tears.

I'm listening. I'm learning. And I'm beginning to know myself.

So, here I begin.

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  1. i love you. keep writing. keep processing :)