Monday, February 14, 2011

...I Can Know Truth

This cartoon is a good example of what I'm NOT trying to do.

Last week a question was asked about authority and where one who interprets gets authority. As I am writing my thoughts on scriptures, I decided this question was central to my blog. As I am writing and interpreting, where is it I get my authority? This was my response:

'My friend Audry commented on my blog, "I love how through your posts you bear your testimony. You bear it in such a way that you are received with respect even if people's views might differ." This is an important foundational principle of our gospel. Yes, the church receives revelation from the prophet. Yet, the fact that personal interpretation is directed, not stifled, by that revelation leads one to see that a foundational principle of our speaker's authority is that we believe our knowledge comes from God. Whether it's quoting scripture and personally interpreting it, or quoting a prophet's personal interpretation of a scripture, the element of revelation makes our authority divine/divinity.'

Please understand, I am not trying to reinterpret the scriptures. I am using the revelation given to the church at large as a foundation by which I personalize that revelation. I just had to post something about this so no one comes along thinking I'm trying to rewrite the scriptures. Just personalize, and somewhat modernize the messages within the book.

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