Monday, February 7, 2011 to search, ponder and pray

Search, ponder and pray are the things that I must do. The Spirit will guide, and deep inside I know the scriptures are true.

When Christ is with the Nephites, he gives them a commandment before he leaves. He tells them to:
"...go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father in my name, that me may understand and prepare your minds for the morrow, and I come unto you again." 3 Nephi 17:3

I wondered how many times a day I think about what I read that morning during my scripture study. Was I scripture reading, or scripture studying? I believe when you study something, it's not a one-time event. It's something you keep in/on your mind, something which you search and ponder. As I have started this running commentary on my scripture reading, a scripture journal, if you will, I have found myself thinking much more about what I am/was reading. I believe writing down your thoughts on something you read changes how you read it. As we share thoughts and feelings, it's not only getting the good word out there, it's putting the good word in the minds and hearts of the believers. That's why this is so important. It is a chance to liberate the form and unbending interpretations. It is a chance to share personal accounts and thoughts showing not just that something is important, but why it is important.

Search, Ponder and Pray

I love to read the holy scriptures,

And every time I do,

I feel the spirit start

To grow within my heart

A testimony that they're true

Search, ponder and pray,
Are the things I must do
The Spirit will guide,

And deep inside,

I know the scriptures are true.

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